Work Experience

Fullstack developer, freelance @We Code Better AB

Stockholm, Sep 2018 - Nov 2018
Tech: React, Node.js, GraphQL(Apollo server and client), Postgres

We Code Better is a small company specialized in fullstack web app development and are currently working on an React, issue tracking system for Cygate to help its client Stockholms Läns Landsting report issues, follow up on issues and subscribing to operation messages.

My role was to implement new features both in the GraphQL backend and make React views on the client.

Axakon - Consultant

Backend developer

Stockholm, Mars 2018 - July 2018
Tech: AWS(Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito, SNS), Node.js, Serverless, GraphQL is the biggest site in Sweden for trading your rental lease. The company has existed since 2004 and the site is predominantly a ASP.Net architecture, with some React views.

My assignment here is to develop new backend technologies using Amazon Web Services and JavaScript/Node.js

Axakon - Consultant

Backend developer

Stockholm, Jan 2018 - Mars 2018
Tech: AWS(Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito, SNS), Node.js, Serverless, GraphQL

Leader Island is a Q&A site exclusive for leaders where you can share knowledge and learn leadership in a fun and rewarding manner. Leader Island is just launched and is on a tight schedule to get all the functionality and features up and running.

My assignment was to develop some of the REST endpoints. The assignment involved formulating Elasticsearch queries and writing endpoints and tests for them in Leader Island’s JavaScript code repositories using Serverless architecture and numerus JavaScript technologies.

Axakon - Consultant

Frontend developer @Framtidsverket

Stockholm, June 2017 - Aug 2017
Tech: Java, HTML/CSS

The summer after graduation I worked as a teacher substitute for two summer courses, one in Java and the other in HTML/CSS. The job involved grading assignments and answering questions at the courses home pages.

Teacher substitute @Uppsala University

Visby, Nov 2017 - Jan 2018
Tech: React, Contentful

The vision of Framtidsverket is to make the public sector an obvious career alternative for young professionals. Framtidsverket saw an opportunity for its clients within the public sector to reach out to young professionals by offering an easily accessible product focused on matching students with public employers. Offers and information are shown on an intuitive page for students, where it can be easily found, and knowledge about the public sector is spread. I was a part of the team, creating the product from scratch. The team was responsible for the entire delivery of the new platform.

The result can be seen at

Fullstack developer, thesis project @PayEx

Visby, May 2017 - June 2017
Tech: ASP.Net Core, Angular, Handsontable.js

Payex AB is a company in the finance business, established at Visby Gotland and specializes in billing and ecommerce solutions. Payex uses large amount of test data in its projects and have long required for managing this test data.

Me and my colleague's assignment was to create a new application for both generation and management of test data, which improved upon the existing routines.

Out of a requirements specification and many interviews a Single Page Application was developed were generation, browsing, editing, and categorization of test data was possible. My role in the project included to design and implement the REST-Api service in Asp.NET Core, create a programmatical interface wrapping Payex existing test data generation framework, program the functionality of the Excell like tables of Handsontable.js and create a lot of the Angular views. Payex was very content with the outcome of the project.

2nd-line onsite support @Sweco

Stockholm, JAN 2015 - AUG 2015

Onsite technician on Sweco the office had 1700 employees and we were 6 technicians.

2nd-line onsite support @Lidingö Kommun

Stockholm, NOV 2014 - JAN 2015

Mostly computer deployment/configuration

2nd-line onsite support @CSC

Stockholm, JAN 2013 - AUG 2014

Worked as onsite technician on Bombardier the office had 500 employees and we were two technicians onsite and I had the out most responsibility. The job involved alot of computer configuration, hardware trouble shooting and server maintenance.

Network technician @Cygate

Stockholm JAN 2011 - JUNE 2011

Worked as entry level network technician a short period, the job comprised of changing VLAN on switches during a migration.

Test technician @Sectra

Linköping, 2010

While studying in Linköping me and a colleague worked at Sectra testing their encrypted VOIP phone application.

Onsite support @Infozone AB

Stockholm, SEP 2008 - JUNI 2009

While I was on sabbatical after high school I worked as a consultant onsite support technician at Regeringskansliet.


MatchPoint, Android project

Tech: Android, Node.js, GraphQL(Apollo), Postgres, Twilio SMS gateway

The current hobby project I work on together with an other programmer buddy. The idea behind the app is to make playing a casual game of racker sport as easy as playing an online video game. Users can browse and join games or create one and invite friends.

The initial UX design is done and can be viewed as a interactive wireframe mockup at this site
And currently I am working on the backend which is composed of Node.js, GraphQL(Apollo) and Postgres.

RindiCoffee, Android project

June 2016 - Aug 2016
Tech: Android, NFC, SQLite

At Uppsala University Campus Gotland a student café does not exist. The idea with this application was to sell coffee with an unattended station at the student unions office. This would increase the unions presence and hopefully overtime increase the number of members.

The system used NFC technology in android phones to make payments. A Student would buy a predetermined valued voucher and load his/hers campus access card with it. Then only swiping the access card by the stations NFC sensor is needed to purchase a cup of coffee. The project is in the state of a non-styled prototype ready for beta testing.

The result can be viewed at


Server-side Web Programming @Uppsala University

AUG 2015 - JUNE 2017

Third time the charm this two year education with predominant focus on programming fit me like a glove.

Material Science @Royal Institute of Technology

JAN 2011 - JAN 2013

Leap-frogged to the second year of this program, unfinished.

Information Technology @Linköping University

AUG 2009 - JAN 2011

Started studies of Master program but never finished.